Image of globe to promote Earth Week 2021 events.

In celebration of the 51st Earth Day, North Hennepin Community College and Bemidji State University invite you to join us for a virtual week-long summit. Beginning Monday, April 19 through Friday, April 23, we will explore and honor our relationship with the land, our communities, and each other through a series of engaging presentations, discussions, film screenings, art, and more. With an emphasis on institutional and systemic change, be inspired by the diverse voices striving for a more just future for all our human and non-human relatives. Caring for Mother Earth is caring for all of us.

Event Schedule & Registration

Monday, April 19

9:45am Starting us off in a good way

10-11am Presentation, Acknowledging the Land with Dr. Bazemore-James

2-3:30pm Panel, The Land is Who We Are: Creating Land Acknowledgements and Ethnic Studies Course Requirement

Tuesday, April 20

10-11am Presentation, Every Day is Earth Day by Dream of Wild Health

12-1pm Documentary: Jumbo Wild

4-6pm Panel, Listening to the Diverse Voices of the Earth

7-8pm Documentary: Jumbo Wild

Wednesday, April 21

9:30-11:15am Documentary: River to the Heart

12-2pm Panel, Engaging our Students, Families, and Communities with the Earth

3:30-4:30pm Healing Walk with Nicole Fernandez

6-7:45pm Documentary: River to the Heart

Thursday, April 22  [Earth Day]

9-11 am Safe Zone Training: An Interactive Look into the LGBTQIA2S+ Community and Allyship hosted by BSU’s Phoenix Club

12-1:15pm Documentary: Ama

2-3:40pm Presentation, Decolonizing Sustainability by Erika Bailey-Johnson

4-5pm Earth Trivia hosted by Dr Joel Jensen and The NHCC Environmental Club

7-8:15pm Documentary: Ama

Friday, April 23

9:30-10:45pm Documentary: Gather: The fight to revitalize our native foodways

12-1pm Presentation: Restorative Loops: Honoring Relationships through Fiber Art

3-4:30pm Racial Healing Circle*

4:30pm Sending us off in a good way