Policy Information

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Number: 3.55

Name: Class Attendance and Participation Policy

Author: Policy Committee

Effective Date: March 28, 2019

Next Review Date: Fall 2023

Regulatory Authority:

Part 1. Policy Background

The policy and corresponding procedure establish expectations and guidelines for students, faculty, and the College regarding class attendance and participation, regardless of delivery method.

Part 2. Policy Statement

Students are expected to attend and participate in all sessions of each class in which they are enrolled. 

Part 3. Definitions

Subpart A. Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is used to set semester and class dates, no-class dates, breaks, and the final exam schedule. The Academic Calendar begins each year with the fall semester.

Subpart B. Attendance

Attendance can be defined as either “physical presence” or “mental presence.” For the purposes of this policy, physical presence is determined by the student’s actual presence in the class, as recorded by roll call, sign-in sheets, etc., for a face-to-face class, or by the student accessing course materials in the case of an online class. Mental presence is determined by the student completing and turning in assigned course work.

For the purposes of determining attendance, faculty may use either physical or mental presence, regardless of course delivery method. It is best practice for faculty to communicate their methods of determining attendance in the course syllabus.

Subpart C. Last Date of Attendance (LDA)

Last Date of Attendance refers to the last date that the student attended class, as defined above.

Part 4. Campus Review

Review Action


Campus Community Review Period

02-Nov-2018 through 21-Nov-2018


December 2018

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee


MAPE Review

December 2018

MMA Review

December 2018

Shared Governance Council Review


Student Senate Review


President Approval


Campus Community Dissemination

April 2019


  • III.03.19 Adopted 3-25-09 under Ann Wynia
  • Revised spring 2013
  • Reviewed Fall 2018