Policy Information

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Number: 5.11.1

Name: Parking and Security Fee Procedure

Author: Policy Committee

Effective Date: August 21, 2017

Next Review Date: Spring 2022

Regulatory Authority

Part 1. Policy Background.

This procedure governs the methods NHCC will use to assess and collect the Parking and Security Fee.

Part 2. Definitions.

Subpart A. Renters.

Renters refer to any group or individual who has rented space on the campus for non-NHCC related activities.

Part 3.

Subpart A.

  1. All employees, students, and renters will pay a Parking and Security Fee. The Parking and Security Fee is approved by the College President up to the maximum amount set by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees.
  2. NHCC Accounting and Fees will charge the Parking and Security Fee to credit-based employees and students on the basis of academic terms: Fall, Spring, and Summer. The Summer term will include the time from the end of the Spring term to the beginning of the Fall term. Accounting and Fees will charge the Parking and Security Fee to non-credit employees and students, and renters on the basis of hours on campus.
  3. NHCC will apply the Parking and Security Fee equitably to all credit-based employees and students. Accounting and Fees will pro-rate the fee for employees and students who are less than 1.0 FTE. The college president or designee will notify employees and students of changes in the fee as they occur.
  4. Student Parking and Security Fee:
    1. Students will pay a per-semester-credit parking fee, up to a maximum fee per semester.
    2. The Accounting and Fees Office will collect the parking fee at time of payment of tuition.
    3. Parking and Security Fees will not be assessed for off-campus classes and online classes.
    4. Per Minnesota State Board Policy, there are no fee waivers for the Parking and Security Fee.
  5. Employee Parking and Security Fees:
    1. All employees currently assigned office space on campus will pay the Parking and Security Fees.
    2. Employees will pay a per-semester Parking and Security Fee, based on their FTE, up to a maximum fee per semester.
    3. Less-than -full-time and/or less-than-year-round employees will pay a pro-rated portion of the Parking and Security Fee, based on the percentage of time they are working.
    4. Employees on extended leave (e.g. sabbatical, extended medical leave, etc) and not utilizing parking and security services will be exempt from the Parking and Security Fee for the duration of their extended leave.
    5. All Parking and Security Fees will be deducted from employee paychecks.
    6. Per Minnesota State Board Policy, there are no fee waivers for the Parking and Security Fee.

Subpart B. Parking Regulations.

  1. Parking at the College is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Only vehicles with a State-issued handicapped parking permit are allowed in designated handicapped parking spaces. Parking permits must be displayed and be clearly visible.
  3. Visitors Parking spaces are reserved for guests. Employees and students should not use Visitor Parking. Visitors sign-in their vehicles at the information desk.
  4. Vehicles must be parked only within the designated parking spaces in the paved parking lots, in compliance with all traffic and parking signs, and impede traffic flow or create a hazard to persons or property.
  5. Vehicles must not be parked in fire lanes, loading zones, medians, on the grass or sidewalks.
  6. Overnight parking at the College is not allowed without prior approval by the Public Safety Department.
  7. "For sale" vehicles are not allowed to be parked overnight at the College.
  8. Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed by the Brooklyn Park Police Department and/or towed. The College cannot rescind parking tickets issued by the police, and will not intercede with the Police Department on behalf of the owners of ticketed vehicles.
  9. Owners of towed vehicles are solely and personally liable and responsible for tow and impoundment fees, as well as for any damage claims stemming from the tow, and must personally resolve tow fees and claims with the towing company. The College is not responsible for the costs of towing and impoundment, or for any damages stemming therefrom. The College will not intercede with the towing company on behalf of the owner of a towed vehicle.
  10. The College is not responsible for personal vehicles or property within the vehicles while in the parking lot.

Part 4. Campus Review

Review Action Date(s)

Campus Community Review Period




MAPE Review


MMA Review


Shared Governance Council Review


Student Senate Review


President Approval


Campus Community Dissemination



  • Originally NHCC VI.01.01 Parking Fee Policy, adopted 03-Mar-1997 by Ann Wynia
  • Revised and Updated 08-Jan-1999
  • Revised with Title Change to Parking and Security Fee Policy 28-Nov-2005
  • Revised Spring 2017