Policy Information

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Number: 5.25

Name: Electronic Signature Policy

Effective Date: December 15, 2020

Next Review Date: AY2025–2026

Regulatory Authority

Part 1. Policy Background.

North Hennepin Community College recognizes an electronic signature as a valid signature from faculty, staff, and students. Students may use electronic signatures to register, check financial aid awards, pay student bills, obtain unofficial transcripts, update contact information, log into campus computers, complete forms, etc. Faculty and staff use electronic signatures for submitting grades, completing administrative forms, logging into campus computers, accessing protected data through custom web applications, etc.

Part 2. Campus Review.

Campus Community Review Period: October 19–November 6, 2020

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Review: November 10–24, 2020

AFSCME Review: November 10–December 1, 2020

MAPE Review: November 10–December 11, 2020

MMA Review: November 10–December 11, 2020

Shared Governance Council Review: December 11, 2020

Student Senate Review: December 3, 2020

President Rolando Garcia Approval: December 15, 2020

Campus Community Dissemination: December 15, 2020


  • New policy, adopted August 27, 2012
  • Reviewed Fall 2020, renumbered from 5.30 to 5.25 to align with Board Policy