Policy Information

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Number: 6.13

Name: Election Activities on Campus Policy

Author: Policy Committee

Effective Date: March 28, 2019

Next Review Date: Fall 2023

Regulatory Authority:

Part 1. Policy Statement

One of the State of Minnesota’s objectives for public higher education is to “promote democratic values and enhance Minnesota’s quality of life by developing understanding and appreciate of a free and diverse society” (Minn. Stat. § 135A.011 (2018)). North Hennepin Community College promotes democratic values through educating the college and the broader community about the election process, voter registration, civil discourse, and related matters. In order to effectively carry out this mission, North Hennepin Community College remains non-partisan. College resources may not be used to advance the interests of any political party or candidate.

Part 2. Campus Review

Review Action


Campus Community Review Period

02-Nov-2018 through 21-Nov-2018


December 2018

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee


MAPE Review

December 2018

MMA Review

December 2018

Shared Governance Council Review


Student Senate Review


President Approval


Campus Community Dissemination

April 2019


  • New policy effective August 2014
  • Reviewed Fall 2018