Policy Information

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Number: 7.7

Name: Grant Procurement and Administration

Effective Date: 26 May 2021

Next Review Date: AY2025-2026

Part 1. Policy Background.

The leadership at North Hennepin Community College recognizes that grants from private organizations, foundations, and federal and local government agencies may provide important support for the mission of the College.

The North Hennepin Community College Grant Procurement and Administration Policy regulates the administration and management of grants from application through completion. In keeping with the college’s commitment to a culture of transparency in all of its activities, this Administrative Policy shall ensure that:

  • A grant is consistent with the mission of the college and aligned with college goals and strategic priorities
  • College participation in the activity funded by the grant is not prohibited by federal, state, or local law
  • Prior to developing a formal grant proposal, approval has been granted using NHCC’s Permission to Apply for External Funds form
  • The grant application is coordinated with other necessary college departments and requests to the same funding authority
  • The fiscal impact of the grant is assessed
  • Grant applications must be submitted to the funding authority by the president, or a person designated by the president
  • Only the president can accept grants awarded to the institution, and is responsible for appropriate reporting to the system
  • All grant spending and reporting should meet system and funding authority requirements

This policy does not apply to student financial aid grants administered by the financial aid office, Perkins Grants, or TRIO Grants.

Part 2. Campus Review.

Review Action                                                                                                                               Date(s)

Campus Community Review Period:                                                                        5 Mar 2021–26 Mar 2021

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Review:                                                       3 May 2021

AFSCME Review:                                                                                                              5 Apr 2021–14 May 2021

MAPE Review:                                                                                                                   5 Apr 2021–14 May 2021

MMA Review:                                                                                                                   5 Apr 2021–14 May 2021

Shared Governance Council Review:                                                                                    14 May 2021

Student Senate Review:                                                                                                            29 April 2021

President Rolando Garcia Approval:                                                                                     26 May 2021

Campus Community Dissemination:                                                                                    14 June 2021


  • New policy effective August 2013
  • Revised spring 2018
  • Revised Spring 2021. Approved 26 May 2021 by President Rolando Garcia.