What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment courses, sometimes referred to as dual credit, dual enrollment, or college in the schools, are college courses made available through the PSEO program. These courses are offered at high schools and are taught by high school teachers, who are mentored by an NHCC faculty member. Concurrent Enrollment courses are permitted for high school students seeking both high school and college credit. This program allows students the opportunity to experience the academic rigor of college curriculum and strengthen their study skills in a high school environment.

What courses are we currently offering?

High School: Course:
Buffalo  FYE 1020: First Year Experience
HIST 1200: History of the United States through 1877
HIST 1010: World History: Origins to 1300
SOC 1110: Introduction to Sociology
Champlin Park COMM1010: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Orono ACCT 2111: Financial Accounting
CIS 1101: Business Computing Systems I 
Osseo BUS 1440: Personal Financial Planning 
FYE 1020: First Year Experience
HLTH 1010: Health Terminology
HIST 1010: World History: Origins to 1300
HIST 1200: History of the United States through 1877
HIST 1020: World History: 1300 to Present
HIST 1210: History of the United States since 1877
Wayzata ACCT 2111: Financial Accounting
ART 2901: Graphic Design Tools I
BUS 1440: Personal Financial Planning
BUS 2200: Principles of Management
HLTH 1070: Nutrition

*Note: You can find each of the course descriptions on our website.

What do you need to know?

  • High School Students

    If you are a student from a participating high school, have a 2.0 GPA or higher, and are interested in taking a Concurrent Enrollment course, set up a meeting with your high school counselor to learn more. Your counselor will help you determine if the course is a good fit for you and ensure you will still be on track to your high school graduation.

    If you decide to participate in the Concurrent Enrollment program, review our student handbook to help maximize your Concurrent Enrollment experience. Please review the information included to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience at NHCC.

    Within the two weeks of class, you will need to submit an online admission application, submit your student form to your teacher, and register for the course. Please do not apply or register prior to the course starting. Check out the video below for detailed steps on how to apply, register, and more. Once you open the video, click on the 3 lines in the upper left-hand corner to see the different chapters of information. You can click on a chapter to skip to a specific part of the video. See below for screen shots of application and registration process.



    - Prior to admittance into the program, students must fill out and sign the Concurrent Enrollment Form.

    - Screen shots of application process.

    - Screen shots of registration process.

  • Prospective High School Teachers and Mentors

    We are excited that you are interested in either teaching or mentoring in NHCC's Concurrent Enrollment Program! Concurrent enrollment facilitates close collaboration between high school teachers and college faculty that fosters alignment of secondary and post secondary curriculum. We have created the teacher, faculty, and administrator handbook to help you familiarize yourself with our Concurrent Enrollment program. Please review the information included.

    If you are interested in partnering with NHCC to offer a Concurrent Enrollment course at your high school, please contact Katie Elsbernd.

  • Current High School Teachers and Mentors

    All program documents and forms can be found on NHCC's D2L website. Grades must be submitted within five (5) business days after the course has ended. High school teachers should upload student grades, while faculty mentors officially submit student grades through eServices.

    Both the eServices and D2L website can be accessed by logging in with your StarID and password. If you need help remembering your log-in information, go to starid.minnstate.edu/ for help.

  • High School Counselors

    Thank you for your interest in partnering with NHCC in our Concurrent Enrollment program! As counselors, you are a key component within the program, as you will help advise students to register for a Concurrent Enrollment course and confirm whether this course will help students toward graduation. We thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please reach out to Candice Bartelle or Katie Elsebernd.