• Do I need to wear a mask in Minnesota State college and university buildings, or the system office?

    Please visit the COVID-19 webpage to review mask requirements. 

  • Are staff and faculty required to be vaccinated? 

    Yes, all Minnesota State employees are required to be vaccinated. Minnesota State employees who are not vaccinated will be required to receive a negative COVID-19 test at least once a week in order to work on-site at all public workplaces around the state.

  • Who must submit proof of vaccination or participate in regular testing?

    Beginning September 8, 2021, all Minnesota State employees on all campuses and in the system office are required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination status or participate in weekly testing for COVID-19 if the employee:

    • Is assigned to the workplace (campus, system office, etc.), or
    • Wishes to access the workplace (campus, system office, etc.) for more than 10 minutes, or
    • Otherwise provides Minnesota State college and university services outside the staff member’s home

    This includes telework-only employees traveling, either in-state or out-of-state, on Minnesota State business.

  • Who are considered “employees, contractors, vendors, volunteers, and interns?

    All Minnesota State faculty and staff, including student workers, those on work study assignments, graduate assistants, contractors, and vendors serving as an extension of campus or system office staff and providing services on behalf of Minnesota State (including but not limited to food service contractors, bookstore contractors, and security contractors) and Foundation employees.

    The following are NOT subject to the policy: construction contractors, referees and officials, contractors who do not have a long-term engagement on campus such as guest speakers/presenters, specific project or training consultants, individuals providing repair or technical services, etc. In addition, those non-Minnesota State entities leasing space on Minnesota State campuses (Workforce Centers, Libraries, Independent School District [ISD] employees and students), etc.) are also not included.

  • Does this policy apply to work-study students, student workers, and/or graduate assistants?

    Yes. Students employed in these categories are covered under this policy consistent with Minn. Stat. 43A.08. This is consistent with how student workers are treated under broad state mandates such as the wage notice law and unemployment insurance.

  • Why isn’t Minnesota State requiring all students to be vaccinated?

    Minnesota State is following the guidance from the State of Minnesota and Minnesota Department of Health on vaccinations of our students. Currently, the State of Minnesota is not students to be vaccinated. We are, however, strongly encouraging our students to get vaccinated. In addition, a number of Minnesota State colleges and universities have been working with MDH to offer vaccination clinics to students and campus communities.

  • Are there social distancing requirements on campus?

    No. With the ending of the peacetime emergency on July 1, 2021, social distancing measures for higher education are no longer required. The Minnesota Department of Health continues to recommend mitigation measures for higher education (https://www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus/schools/guideihe.pdf).

  • What groups/activities are required to submit that they are either vaccinated or that they will be doing weekly testing?

    The following student groups/activities are required to submit that they are either vaccinated or that they will be doing weekly testing:

    1. Student Employees (already accounted for in the Employee Vaccination Process)
    2. Nursing Students participating in Clinicals
    3. Fine Arts Ensembles (Choir, Orchestra, Band, Jazz Band, Theatre)
    4. Student groups/activities deemed high-risk or in close contact (ie. Sports, high contact groups)
    5. A group that cannot meet the MDH guidelines regarding event/meeting recommendations including social distancing, face masks, or other identified procedures.
    6. Student groups traveling overnight or out-of-state (Need to be tested prior to and upon returning from travel)

    Community members

    1. Community members participating in an ongoing way with the above identified student groups/activity are also subject to the above policy.
  • Where can I find more information?